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Cashing of University of Chicago or UCMedicine Checks:    
Member $5.00 Use direct deposit
Non-Member $7.50 Open a MFCU share account
Cashier's Check $3.00 If payable to 3rd party Waived if check exceeds $5,000. Open a MFCU checking account and make payments online or with personal check.
Check Mailing $2.00 Pick up check in-person. Use the CO-OP network shared branches.
Bad Mailing Address/Returned mail  $2.00  
Representative Telephone Balance Inquiry/Transfer/Withdrawal Request $3.00 Check account balance or transfer funds, without charge, by using online banking or automated telephone banking.
Savings Account Withdrawals $5.00 Each withdrawal after 3 per month Open a MFCU checking account. Distributions of your payroll deduction are not counted.
Early Account Closure $25.00 If closed within 90 days  
Early Withdrawal, Holiday Club $10.00 Prior to Nov. 1st Wait until Nov. 1st.
Excessive Withdrawals from Vacation Club $5.00 Each withdrawal after 2 per calendar year Avoid excessive withdrawals.
Dormant Account $5.00 Per month after 24 inactive months. Make a deposit or withdrawal from your account.
Check or ACH NSF (returned or courtesy paid) $33.00 Per occurrence Be sure your account has adequate collected funds for all presented ACH debits and checks. Limit one fee per business day.
Deposited Item Returned $15.00  
Overdraft Protection Transfer $7.00 Per transfer Be sure your checking account has adequate collected funds before initiating a payment.
Stop Payment, Check or ACH $26.00 Per request  
Cancel Stop Payment $10.00 Per request  
Paper Monthly Statement – Student Accounts  $2.00   
Statement Copy $5.00 Access your statement using online banking.
Check copies $5.00 Per check Use online banking to obtain copies of your cleared checks.
Account History, Each 12 month period $5.00 Per request Access account history using online banking.
Coin Deposit/Coin Counter 5% of Coins Count Minimum $2.00.
Money Market Account, below minimum $2,500 balance $25.00 Per month Maintain minimum balance.
Excessive Money Market Account Withdrawals $10.00 Per withdrawal in excess of 6 per month Limit monthly withdrawals.


Card Services 



Card Replacement, Lost or stolen or damaged



VISA Gift Card, Non-reloadable



ATM & PIN based debit card transactions

$1.00 Each transaction in excess of 7 per month

Make purchases as a “credit” transaction. Waived for Student and VIP Checking.

Foreign Transaction Fee

1.0% of Transaction Amount


Prepaid, reloadable CU Money Debit Card

$4.95 Initial issuance


Prepaid, reloadable CU Money Debit Card, teller or telephone reload

$1.50 Per load

Use on-line service or direct deposit to card. Funds available within 2 hours.

Prepaid, reloadable CU Money Debit Card, on-line reload

$0.50 Per load

Funds not immediately available

 Additional fees may be assessed by CU Money and 3rd party ATM owners.  

Fund Transfer Services



Wire transfers, outgoing:





Use person-to-person transfer feature in on-line banking




Wire transfers, incoming:





Use person-to-person transfer feature in on-line banking, VENMO or similar service.





Share Branch Service



Deposits at Share Branch Locations

$3.00 Per deposit exceeding 2 per month


Withdrawals at Share Branch Locations

$3.00 Per withdrawal exceeding 2 per month


Loan Payments at Share Branch locations







Auto or Homeowners’ Insurance Policy Lapse/Cancelation.

$75.00 Per occurrence

Be sure your Auto or Homeowners’ Insurance premiums are paid on time. If you have a MFCU Auto or Mortgage Loan, you will be assessed this fee if your insurance lapses or is cancelled without prior replacement or you fail to designate MFCU as lienholder.

Mortgage Subordination Request


Per request, whether or not granted.

Wage Garnishment or Levy Processing

$75.00 Plus $10 per disbursement


Subpoena or litigation demand for production of documents or personal appearance

$100.00 minimum

$100.00 per hour – Officer

$50.00 per hour – Other staff

$0.30 per document page

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